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Closure of Green Solutions @ COP16

The forum ended with positive conclusions of the private sector

Green Solutions @ COP16 closed its activities with an international panel in which participants presented their findings and gave their comments on the relevance of a forum that unites the business community.

In the forum there were 44 panels, eight private meetings, five informal sessions, a roundtable on Nationally-Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAS), a breakfast with ministers and a Mexico-Korea bilateral meeting. There were more than 1,080 meetings among international companies, closing businesses for over 50 million dollars. In total, more than 4,000 people participated in the four-day event.

The panelists concluded that public policies are needed to make investments more attractive in terms of ecology. It is necessary that clean energy be more competitive and that policies be developed for the long term to provide confidence and security to investors.

They agreed that the key to sustainable business success will be the leadership displayed by enterprises to adapt to this new field, and the urgency with which they do it. Forums such as this demonstrate the initiative of the business sector, their social commitment and their vision for the future towards unique business opportunities.

Bruno Ferrari, Secretary of Economy of Mexico, closed the forum and said, "We are entering a new reality that will reconcile fight against Climate Change with economic development."

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