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Cancuún México 29 de noviembre - 10 de diciembre 
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Statement by the Director General of Social Communication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rodrigo Brand De Lara, during today´s press briefing


SRE /Cancun, Quintana Roo, 10 December de 2010

Ladies and gentlemen,

I thank you for attending this press briefing. An informal meeting of the President of the Conferences will begin shortly, and therefore I will only issue a statement.

 As was announced yesterday evening, the Mexican Presidency of the Conferences has requested the Secretariat this morning to circulate drafts that it considers best bring together the results of the ongoing process of collective drafting. These are not, in any way, “Mexican texts”.

 They are documents built by all the parties through the efforts of the Working Groups, as well as through consultations that are being facilitated by the Presidency directly or with the support of more than ten Ministers from both developed and developing countries. Mexico will keep its commitment to inclusiveness and transparency.

 Parties requested the guidance of the Mexican Presidency so that they had a better understanding of the overall and complete package of decisions that we are all constructing together.

 This is a necessary step for taking difficult decisions that ensure balance within each track (under the Framework Convention and under the Kyoto Protocol) and between the two. Mexico has called upon all parties to analyze the elements of the drafts together, as a whole.

 The drafts address the issue of the continuity of the Kyoto Protocol. They includes concrete wording for the capturing of the current level of ambition on mitigation, and we believe that would set the conditions for further action by all, based on the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.

 They also have language that would allow the establishment of very important mechanisms to support the efforts of developing States, especially the most vulnerable ones, on adaptation, finance (the Green Fund) and forestry. They include provisions on accountability (MRV and ICA).

 Parties have just received these drafts. We have very limited time to make a last push to improve them. The issues under consideration are complex and informal consultations have been running virtually without stop for many hours. The result of this process, as agreed, will go through the required formal channels. Mexico intends to close the Conference as early as possible.

 No party can lose sight of what is at stake. Let us always bear in mind what we have to gain if we all act in a responsible way. If we reach a decision today in Cancun we will have done a great service to the global effort on climate change, to millions of people and to future generations.

 Mexico recognizes the professionalism and commitment of the Chairs of the Working Groups, the Ministers that have so diligently focused on specific issues, and indeed of all delegations. We also thank the members of the Secretariat for their invaluable support.

We will come back to you later today.

Thank you very much.


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