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Cancuún México 29 de noviembre - 10 de diciembre 
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Informal stocktaking plenary: Statement by Her Excellency, Mrs. Patricia Espinosa, COP16/CMP6 President


Cancun, Quintana Roo, D.F., 8 December 2010

Dear colleagues,

As I have stated before, I believe that an ambitious, broad and balanced package of decisions is within reach. That does not mean that we already have it in our grasp. To achieve this goal it is important that we all continue to have a common understanding on the steps that need to be taken in the coming days.

Ms. Mukahanana has presented what she believes to be the most complete set of elements for decision that may be derived at this point from the work of the AWG-LCA. In some areas she has identified possible formulas of understanding. In others she has put forth a limited set of options upon which work can continue. She has also identified a number of matters that cannot advance without political guidance. I thank her, her facilitators and the Ministers that have informally provided their support for their hard work and undeniable commitment. I am sure that Margaret and her team will continue playing an instrumental role in the coming days.

From the assessment presented by the Chair of the AWG-LCA, it is clear that we have entered a stage where the interlinkages among the different elements of the Bali Action Plan must be addressed. During the last 10 days I have met with most of you and the message I have received is the same: We must now look at the broad picture and deal with all outstanding issues in a comprehensive manner, within the two-track approach, in formats that are respectful of the process.s practices.

The Mexican Presidency has been conducting transparent and inclusive consultations for more than a week. I intend to personally continue and intensify the process starting this afternoon, with continued assistance from Ministers from both developed and developing countries, from Ms. Mukahanana and from the Secretariat. Once again, I want to emphasize that these are efforts by the Presidency in support of formal negotiations. I believe that this will lead us to reach compromises, and that that those will be reflected in the report of the AWG-LCA and at the COP Plenary on Friday.

You have my full commitment to the principles of transparency and inclusiveness. There will be no parallel or overlapping discussions and I will continue ensuring that all positions are taken into account. The Mexican delegation, and me personally, will remain accessible to every delegation.

Throughout 2010, and in our meetings here in Cancun, we have sought to build understandings while also enhancing confidence. Every party must know what is happening and see that its views have been considered. In negotiations between sovereign States, no group .small or large. can take decisions in the name of everybody else. We will need every single delegation to engage others in the building of compromise proposals in this final stretch.

Allow me to reiterate my intention to bring this Conference to a close, as scheduled, at 6 pm on Friday evening. What is required now is proof of our collective political will, not more time for discussions. We need to send a clear sign of our desire to meet this global challenge. We must set the stage for further significant steps in Durban and beyond.

Dear friends,

Time is running short. We all need to be in few minutes in the high-level segment. None of us has had the opportunity to read the ideas put forth by the Chair of the Working Group. If there are no objections, I will close this meeting without opening the floor to comments. I respectfully invite you to present all your substantive concerns in the upcoming consultations. We need to work together in finding the balance that will make Cancun a success.
Thank you very much.

Dear friends,

It is clear from what we have heard from Ambassador Ashe that a key political decision on the second period of commitments under the Kyoto Protocol is needed in order to move forward on this track. The Mexican presidency will also consult on this matter, with the same approach I presented to you in the segment of dedicated to the COP. I expect the result of our consultations to be reflected in the report of the AWG-KP and in the CMP next Friday.

There are solid basis for our work. Every single State has argued for the continuation of our efforts well beyond the end of 2012. We must give a clear sign of our intent to proceed in such a way. We must do all we can to raise the collective level of ambition. I once again call upon you to use all of your creativity and flexibility.

As I have said only a few minutes ago, you have my personal commitment that the principles of transparency and inclusiveness will continue to guide our work and our consultations. We will continue to make sure that all positions are taken into account.

If there are no objections, I will also close this meeting without opening the floor to comments. I respectfully invite you to present all your substantive concerns in the upcoming consultations.

Thank you very much.


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