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Ecological problem in Anambra State

The Guardian

SIR: I wish to appeal to the Federal Government and its agencies saddled with the responsibility of addressing the ecological problems in Nigeria to as a matter of urgency come to the rescue of the people of Ogwu-Ikpele and other communities along that coastline in Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State. For over two decades now, coastal erosion has been dealing a devastating blow on both the social and economic lives of the people of this area. At the last count in Ogwu-Ikpele alone, over 200 houses have so far been submerged in the River Niger, including a primary school of four blocks, a Catholic Church building, two standard football pitches and other recreational facilities. Farmlands and economic trees are not spared.

Most people who were displaced by this menace have been living in make-shift shacks in the swamps owing to their poor economic means. Sadly enough, no mention of these areas has ever been made each time there was a national focus on erosion or ecological problem in general. Neither the federal relevant authorities nor their Anambra State counterparts have ever visited these areas for on-the-spot assessment so as to see things for themselves. Therefore, I want to once again appeal to the aforementioned agencies of the governments to without delay visit these areas and seek a way to put a permanent check to this menace.

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