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E!Sharp Partners with the World Climate Summit

United States
World Climate Summit

New York, Brussels, London, Cambridge, Copenhagen, Mexico City, Aspen

One of EU's most respected magazines E!Sharp ( has joined the World Climate Summit as EU Media Partner. E!Sharp counts among its regular contributors top journalists from media such as the Financial Times, The Economist, Reuters, the BBC and Le Monde, as well as high-profile experts and commentators from the worlds of business, politics and think-tanks.

Paul Adamson, Founder and Publisher, E!Sharp magazine said, "Contrary to expectations, the economic crisis has not made climate change any less of a priority for the European Union. Beyond politics, the World Climate Summit takes the lead in bringing together those who have the technologies, those who want to invest, and those in need of solutions. E!Sharp is delighted to be the EU media partner at what will be this year's key forum for industry, cities and leaders to share practical ideas for cutting emissions and for boosting the cleantech market."

Michael Mathres, co-Founder of the World Climate Summit said, "It is imperative to reach out and influence key political, industrial and financial decision-makers in the EU, and so for that reason we are delighted to have E!Sharp on board this year's must-attend climate change event."


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