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Renewable energy gets big export rise this year

Joongang Daily

Korea’s exports of renewable energy technology, including solar power and wind energy, doubled in the first half to $2.14 billion, exceeding the amount for all of last year, the Knowledge Economy Ministry said yesterday.

Exports of renewable energy technologies last year amounted to $2.04 billion, including $1 billion in the first half,

Solar power energy equipment accounted for the most of the exports, amounting to $1.8 billion in the first half. This represented an increase of 105 percent from $880 million in 2009. Wind power technology rose by 37 percent to $350 million from $260 million in the first half of 2009.

But the total volume of renewable energy technology orders that Korea received in the first half amounted $8.25 billion, nearly a sevenfold increase over $1.2 billion a year ago.

Orders included $1.65 billion in the solar energy sector and $6.6 billion in wind power.

The ministry said it expected additional orders of $2.5 billion in the second half of the year.

The ministry said the rise in exports reflects worldwide interest in renewable energy.

“European nations, including Germany, are particularly interested in setting up solar power plants,” said the ministry. “Other countries such as the United States, Japan and China are expanding renewable energy programs and producing solar batteries and solar cell modules in large amounts.”

The ministry noted that the global economic recovery has led to increased demand for wind power energy technology, which benefits Korea’s newly developed plant technology in this sector.

The Korean government has embarked on an ambitious program since 2008 to promote “green growth” policies based on renewable energy, replacing fossil fuels with energy sources from the sun, wind and water. Rising oil prices have supported the move.

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