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Citizen involvement in budget for climate change pushed

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The La Liga Policy Institute and the British government through its embassy in Manila have formally forged ties to undertake a project aimed at facilitating citizens participation in the planning and budget processes for the environment and climate change sector. La Liga will implement the project entitled In Pursuit of a Low Carbon Development Track and a Climate Sensitive Budget which seeks to forge partnership and cooperation with various government and citizens groups for the formulation of climate-sensitive, low-carbon development plan while securing public financing for climate change initiatives. The new administration under President Benigno Noynoy Aquino III came at a very opportune time as the period of effectiveness of the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) is about to lapse.

This will give the new administration the chance to formulate a new MTPDP and this also provides an opportunity for citizens organization to constructively engage in the process, to address the problems and issues that beset the implementation of the previous MTPDP, Roland Cabigas, managing director of La Liga, said.

La Liga, a development policy research and advocacy nongovernment organization, has been actively pursuing various campaigns, programs and projects towards environmental sustainability and climate change actions as part of its budget advocacy. The partnership with the British government through the Bilateral Programme of its embassy in Manila highlights the common objective that focuses on combating global climatic changes that continue to have adverse impact worldwide, with the Philippines topping the list of highly vulnerable countries.

La Liga serves as secretariat of the environment cluster of the internationally recognized Alternative Budget Initiative led by Social Watch Philippines. The environment cluster is composed of various environment advocates, citizens groups and social movements which engage the executive and legislative branches of government in the budget process, with the hope of securing concrete public financing for programs and projects for environment and climate change. Among arenas for budget support include: the rehabilitation and development of protected areas and national parks, and endangered species and wildlife; disaster preparedness and risk reduction; renewable energy, and, organic agriculture.

Citizens participation to make the necessary policy shifts towards climate-sensitive and low-carbon development is a must, Mr. Cabigas said. Equally important in the fight for increased budget allocation for the environment and natural resources sector and for climate change actions is to make sure that actual funds are released and utilized to promote environmental sustainability and climate change actions, he added.

El contenido de las noticias que se presentan en esta sección es responsabilidad directa de las agencias emisoras de noticias y no necesariamente reflejan la posición del Gobierno de México en este u otros temas relacionados.


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