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Japan hopes Mexico will present draft climate package soon

Kyodo News

Environment Minister Sakihito Ozawa told Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa on Tuesday he hopes Mexico will present a draft accord package soon for a key U.N. climate conference later this year.

Ozawa told reporters that he conveyed to Espinosa, who will chair the next round of U.N. climate talks in Cancun between late November and early December, Japan's intention to give Mexico full support for the successful outcome of the meeting.

''We want Mexico to clarify soon what the Cancun meeting will aim for,'' the minister said. Countries should not repeat the process in the run-up to the last U.N. conference in Copenhagen in December, in which the chair Denmark failed to table its draft accord early enough, he added.

Espinosa did not directly respond to Ozawa's request during the talks that lasted about 45 minutes because the two ran out of time, but they agreed to continue talks when the Japanese minister travels to Mexico later this month, Japanese officials said.

Ozawa is scheduled to attend an informal meeting on climate change in Mexico City slated for July 22-23 to be hosted by the Latin American nation to prepare for the Cancun gathering. About 30 countries are expected to take part in the conference, they said.

During the talks with Ozawa, Espinosa said Mexico will strive to strike a balanced agreement on a package of issues, including efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, developed countries' financial and technical aid to developing nations and forest conservation to trim emissions, the Japanese officials said.

The two agreed on the importance of involving major greenhouse gas emitters such as the United States and China, but Espinosa also stressed the need to obtain the consent of smaller groups and create a trend that will influence major economies in the negotiations, they said.

During a meeting with Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada Monday evening, Espinosa pointed to the need to hold discussions with the participation of the least developed countries, island nations vulnerable to climate change, and the private sector, according to the Foreign Ministry.

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