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Most effective method to fight climate change

Philippine Daily Inquirer

FORMER US VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE, the guru of global warming and climate change, has come and gone. The Kyoto Protocol and the Copenhagen Summit, too, have long adjourned. Everyone, meanwhile, is agreed that the planet Earth is in grave danger from natures wrath caused by greenhouse gases. Yet, no one has proposed a doable solution on how to combat this scourge. Reducing carbon emission is unlikely with the adamancy of developed countries to cooperate, while alternative and renewable energy sources are still in the fledgling stage. That leaves the massive planting of treesto absorb the existing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which will mitigate global warming and climate changeas the only doable recourse. Furthermore, tree planting has multifarious beneficial effects on mankind.

Why then have world leaders not focused on this endeavor The Billion Trees Program of the Trees for Life Foundation (TLF) is presently producing seedlings at the least cost and shortest time possible at the New Bilibid Prisons with the use of penal labor. These seedlings are given away free to bona fide environmental advocates and local government units to ensure that they are properly planted and cared for from two or three years until the trees can be left alone. This two-pronged approach is the most effective and most-likely-to-succeed method of tree planting.

We hope this program of TLF will serve as a model for the rest of the world. Every nation on earth should plant one billion trees each to successfully combat climate change. Through this program, TLF also hopes to initiate the massive planting of trees to qualify for Carbon Credit Certificates, the trading of which can earn foreign revenues greater than the sum total of the OFWs remittances. What is more, the dream of making the Philippines green again will become a reality. Anyone who believes in this concept and wishes to participate in the program is most welcome.

NELIA FUENTEBELLA, executive director, Trees for Life Foundation Inc.

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