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Canada disregards fossil fuel phase-out

The Ottawa Citizen
Mike de Souza, Canwest News Service

Recent G20 summit didn't advance plan despite federal vows, document shows

The Harper government has protected several incentive and subsidy programs for fossil fuels, despite making a G20 pledge to phase them out, according to a leaked document from last month\'s conference in Toronto.

The annex, which circulated at the summit, summarizes measures by other countries to eliminate taxpayer support for the industries blamed for producing emissions that trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

But Canada\'s submission only included previously announced measures, including a decision made in 1987.

"Consistent with the goals set out in Advantage Canada (our 2006 strategic economic plan), Canada will continue to review its policies on an ongoing basis to ensure that they provide an internationally competitive economic environment, while achieving their aims in an efficient manner", said Canada's submission at the conference, obtained by ClimateWire, a U.S.-based news service.

Clare Demerse, associate director of climate change at the Pembina Institute, questioned why the annex was not made public: "The decision not to publish it meant the G20 wrapped up without making measurable progress on phasing out subsidies -- and I think it reflects Prime Minister Stephen Harper´s decision to treat climate and energy issues as ´sideshows´ at the Toronto G20."

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