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Cancuún México 29 de noviembre - 10 de diciembre 
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India to host´dress rehearsal´ for Mexico

TOI - The Times of India
Nitin Sethi

CLIM calentamiento global

India will host a two-day ministerial round on climate technology transfer and cooperation in November before the year's big UN meet on the subject in Mexico. The meeting of ministers is intended to thrash out a deal on how the rich countries can share clean technologies with the developing world.

The calendar for the year is packed with informal and formal international meetings on climate as a run up to the Cancun, Mexico, meeting where countries would try to at least come up with few partial pacts as a full package deal is not expected to come through before 2011. India's attempt to push for technology transfer and cooperation is in sync with its effort all through the last year in asking the global community to set up innovation centres that would help develop new technologies with the rights over it being held in a common pool as was done for agriculture in the CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research) model.

Union environment and forests minister Jairam Ramesh made the offer to host the meeting at the Major Economies Forum meeting that concluded on Wednesday in Rome.

The meeting also saw a strong pitch by the minister to incorporate the principles of equity and carbon space sharing in the negotiations.

The push for inclusion of equity from Ramesh came as the BASIC countries -Brazil, South Africa, India, China- plan to hold a day-long technical workshop on equity and carbon space when they next meet in Brazil from July 24 to 26. The US has opposed the move to include a formula for burden sharing - how much emission cuts each country should take to keep the temperatures in the safe zone. Instead, it has asked for the UN talks to agree to a deal on the contentious issue of scrutiny of mitigation actions.

Indian government is opposed to such a piecemeal approach as it believes that bringing in principles of scrutiny when the actions themselves are not clearly defined creates a hollow shell without any firm commitments from developed countries to reduce their emissions. THE TIMES OF INDIA

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