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EU reiterates commitment on climate change funds

La Unión Europea reitera su compromiso con los fondos para cambio climático

United Kingdom
The Guardian

THE European Union (EU) has reiterated its commitment to fast-track the facilitation of $30 billion financial assistance to developed nations to mitigate and adapt to the impact of climate change.

It made the assertion at the 13th African Ministerial Conference on Environment, held in Bamako, Mali, as ministers from the continent expressed doubt on the agreement reached in Copenhagen Accord.

Speaking to Nigerian delegation led by the Minister of Environment, Mr. John Odey, during a bilateral meeting, the EU envoy, led by Ms Connie Hedegaard, explained that the continental body’s position to assist developing countries had not shifted.

According to her, 5.6 million euros has been set aside in 2010 budget to that effect for Mali from the adaptation fund for Africa, but awaiting the response of other developed nations who agreed to the Copenhagen Accord.

However, African continent, she said, needed to strengthen and unite its voice in the bid to bring other developed countries to a binding commitment.

Her words: “Everybody knows we have to build on the progress made in Copenhagen up to global negotiation made. People expect the politicians, ministers to agree and start doing things.

“In EU we believe its absolute crucial to move forward in Cancun. Maybe we cannot stop all the problems with all the capitals what we are saying is that Europe is ready to contribute its own quota of the agreement.

“Although U.S. has never agreed to Kyoto Protocol, what is important now is that U.S.

has its own target to get the legislation through the senate shows to the rest of the world under the new administration they want to be part of international cooperation that wants to tackle climate change.

“Parties, countries need to start delivering on specific reductions. There is a huge obligation on all of us to start to work, get the finance right and reduce emission, we are unilaterally reducing our emission by 20 per cent by year 2020 but we want others to take part in this in emerging economy.”

She added that it is very crucial that Africans have one voice on the negotiation issue, adding that the group of developing countries is very diverse, but understand that climate change is severe and will serve the purpose for intervention if their voices unite very well.

Odey said that all the arguments presented did not reflect progress required for Cancun meeting in November.

“…This conference has been quite frustrating we could not believe we are moving forward and is quite challenging. There are lots of new issues coming up which borders on the hope and confidence, on transparency and the process of accessing funds whether there is hope. Going forward particularly to Cancun is a very great challenge because we don’t know how much step we are going to take in the approach without the U.S.,” he expressed.

Odey stressed that the pledges could become binding if the developed if the process is transparent and allow for a pool of fund that could be accessed.

He said: “But six months after, the real utilisation of funding for implementation of programmes showed no progress so far.”

The minister requested for bilateral agreement between Nigeria and EU on adaptation and mitigation projects the government is embarking on, including afforestation programme, which is inclusive of Green-wall Sahara Desert, mitigation on gas flaring and the Clean Development Mechanism that is market driven.

“Unless we have that funding mechanism most of the projects will not gain speed that is required for appreciable level of emission cut,” he stressed.

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