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WB approves $4.9-million grant for climate change adaptation project

Manila Bulletin

The World Bank has approved a $4.97 million grant for a pilot project called the climate change adaptation project (CCAP) designed to enable targeted rural communities to cope with the impact of climate change. The project aims to develop and demonstrate cost-effective adaptation strategies in agriculture and natural resources management and strengthen the countrys institutional framework for climate change adaptation.

World Bank Country Director Bert Hofman said the project will enhance rural communities capacity to adapt to climate change by improving farm management capability under conditions of climate risk, enhancing access to information on weather forecasting and climate patterns, and improving access to risk management options such as weather index insurance. The primary beneficiaries of this grant include poor farmers who often suffer climate-related losses, and other vulnerable groups that depend on natural resources for their livelihoods,said Hofman.

The Climate Change Adaptation Project has several components, including the following: Supporting integration of climate change adaptation (CCA) into the agriculture and natural resources sectors, and strengthening the capabilities of relevant government agencies including the Climate Change Commission, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and Department of Agriculture in addressing climate change; Developing and demonstrating climate change adaptation strategies in the agriculture and natural resources sectors through measures including climate proofing irrigation infrastructure, enhancing delivery and effectiveness of extension services for farm-level climate risk management, pilot-testing the feasibility of weather index-based crop insurance, and strengthening climate change resilience through improved management of protected areas; And improving the access of end users, especially in the agriculture and natural resources sectors, to more reliable scientific information that would enable more rapid and accurate decision making for climate risk management. The grant for the CCAP will come from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Trust Fund being implemented by the World Bank. The project will also be supported with $40.45 million co-financing from the Participatory Irrigation Development Project (PIDP) and another US$10 million from the Environment and Natural Resources Management Project (ENRMP), two ongoing government projects which are also financed by the World Bank. The Philippines has one of the highest exposures to climate change risks including typhoons, floods, landslides, and droughts of any country in the world. This project is consistent with the governments priorities with respect to poverty reduction and sustainable development, particularly given that the poorest segments of the Phili ppines population depend on agriculture and natural resources for their livelihoods, said Hofman.

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