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U.S. envoy on Eurasian energy at environment ministry

ANA Bulletin

Environment, Energy and Climate Change Minister Tina Birbili and deputy minister Yiannis Maniatis on Friday had a meeting with U.S. Special Envoy for Eurasian Energy Richard Morningstar that focused on the Turkey-Greece-Italy (TGI) and Nabucco natural gas pipelines.

During the meeting they agreed that the TGI and the Nabucco pipeline being promoted by Brussels and Washington as an alternative supply route for European energy markets that bypassed Russia were complementary rather than rival projects.

The meeting also covered issues concerning energy security, international energy agreements for pipelines, investments in renewable energy sources and green development.

Morningstar referred to energy diversification and stressed Greece's strategic role in enhancing and promoting energy security in Europe. Regarding the TGI, he said that it was one of the choices being promoted with the strategic target of making possible the transportation of natural gas from the Middle East and Caspian Sea to Europe.

The meeting also noted an exploration of the regional aspects of the TGI with the construction of the interconnector Greek-Bulgarian (IGB) pipeline that will assist the transport of Liquified Natural

Gas (LNG) to southeastern European countries.

In the context of energy supply diversification, Birbili said the Russian-Italian Southstream pipeline was an important project and noted cooperation with countries like Qatar, Libya and Egypt that sought to promote LNG.

The two sides agreed that green development and renewable energy sources (RES) generate wealth, jobs and opportunities for investment while consuming fewer natural resources, with less negative impact on the environment.

Among others, Birbili briefed the U.S. envoy on Greece's planning to meet Europe's 20-20-20 targets, including a 40 percent participation by RES in power production, 10 pct contribution by bio-fuels in transport and 4 percent reduction relative to 2005 of greenhouse gas emissions in non-commercial sectors.


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