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Government accused of shelving greenhouse emissions standards

United Kingdom
Daily Telegraph

The Government was last night accused of reneging on its promise to tighten rules on greenhouse gas emissions in a move which could see new coal-fired power stations built.

Plans to introduce tough new environmental emissions standards are likely to be shelved despite both the Tories and Lib Dems previously pledging their commitment to the idea.

The policy will not be implemented in the coalition’s first energy bill to be published this year, reports suggested.

Instead, ministers intend to open a consultation on the idea in the autumn with the results being put to parliament in a white paper next year.

The introduction of the standards would have restricted emissions from coal and gas powered plants and encouraged companies to use more efficient technology.

Greenpeace energy campaigner, Joss Garman, said: "David Cameron made the introduction of new rules to stop the most polluting power stations one of his flagship green policies, and Nick Clegg helped ensure it was a key part of the coalition agreement.

"Both Lib Dem and Conservative MPs voted for the introduction of such a measure just a few months ago, and if they U-turn on this and fail to put this measure into their new energy law, how can they claim to be the greenest government ever?"


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