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Fewer turn out to let off steam over global warming

The Sydney Morning Herald

MORE than 40,000 turned up in 2006, but just 10,000 people participated in the Walk Against Warming, an annual march through the city to protest against government inaction on climate change.

Pepe Clarke, the chief executive of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, had hoped to build on the 15,000 who marched during the Copenhagen Summit last year, but the rally shrank yet again.

''I don't think it's representative of people thinking climate change is no longer an issue,'' said one protester, David McElroy, 27. ''I think there might just be a little bit of despair associated with it. I think people were so hopeful at the last election that things were going to happen and it just ended up being a whole lot of talk.''

Mr. Clarke admitted mixed messages, complex policies and deliberate misinformation had confused a tired public. Neither Labor nor the Coalition have a robust climate policy for the election.

Julia Gillard's ''citizens assembly'' plan drew the biggest thumbs down from protesters yesterday. ''It's incredibly insulting, opportunistic, short-term bullshit; a lack of leadership,'' said Laura Kelly, 30.

Sharin Ahmed and Alix Piatek, both 20, said it was disheartening that the two main parties lacked interest in the issue that mattered most to them. Generation Y makes up 30 per cent of the voting population.

''You don't want to vote for anybody because no one's doing anything about [climate change],'' Ms Piatek said.

''It's almost like they don't care what we think. It makes you lose a bit of faith.''


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