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Ogun climate change summit

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To join the global community in the effort to combat the climate change phenomenon and the danger it poses to the environment, the Ogun State Government in partnership with a group is finalising arrangement on the first Gateway climate change summit where the issue of harnessing the opportunities in a carbon constrained economy would be on the front burner.

The summit that will hold later this year will feature foreign experts that specialise in the areas of global warming, Climate change, the risks, and crises as well as the business opportunities that lie in a carbon constrained economy. It is also expected to empower both developed and developing nations as they strive to turn energy challenges into business opportunities, by bringing together decision makers and professionals from policy, investment, finance R&D and academic communities.

At a pre-conference briefing, at the weekend, the state Commissioner for Environment, Prince Adeleke Adedoyin, laid emphases on the need to do business in a more environmentally friendly ways and also to learn how to tap into harnessing the benefits and opportunities that comes with a carbon constrained economy

He made references to other countries that are already practising and reaping the rewards of such noble initiatives, as he urged all the participants at the roundtable meeting to attend the main event coming up soon, which will feature experts, exhibitors, technical know-how and other faculties in and outside Nigeria.
The Commissioner noted that since the industrial revolution, human activities resulting in increased concentrations of green house gases have become a major cause of climate change, resulting in rising global average temperature.

According to him, regions that are already naturally dry will tend to get drier, and the higher rates of evaporation, from global warming will increase water vapour condensation in the atmosphere, and so areas that are near large water bodies or in places where atmospheric dynamics already favour higher rates of precipitation will tend to get wetter.

The resultant effect of this, he said, is flooding, coastal erosions and coral bleaching. He added that the effects of global warming in Africa are mainly famine, displacement of people, floods, drought, social conflicts, diseases and increased poverty.

Adedoyin said: “With the objective of leading business towards capturing the significant business opportunities that the climate change challenge presents, the intent is that all businesses will respond to this challenge.

“For most companies, climate change is now a risk management issue with significant opportunities.

“It therefore makes good business sense for business to understand and work to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and identify business opportunities that are likely to arise out of a carbon constrained economy, as early as possible.

“Climate change, caused by the release of greenhouse gases, is arguably the biggest challenge to sustainable development. It has potentially serious environmental, social and economic consequences for Nigeria and the world as a whole.”

Part of the solution to global warming and climate change, according to him, include: making into law the reduction of emission of Greenhouse Gas; creating awareness and campaign for Green Revolution; introducing novel technical innovation for efficient appliances; building of Solar, wind, hydro, geothermal nuclear power or fossil fuels; campaigning for clean and sustainable power; support and grant incentives for those creating clean power and lowering energy demand, reducing carbon emission and promoting renewable energy.

Representative of the group,Mr Fred Enemigin, said the aim of the group was to put together climate change conferences for state governments to enhance and equip stakeholders with right information and alert business communities sharing same ecological interest on its danger and benefits and also to collate intellectual responses to provide a Climate Change Business Act.

While justifying reason for flagging off these conferences in Abeokuta, he said it was simply because Ogun State “is the Gateway to Industrialisation in Nigeria”.

He added that the concern was mainly on the effects of global warming to businesses whether big or small.

His words: “Because of the above considerations, we consider Ogun State as ranking among the top, hence our flagship of this conferences in this State.

Enemigin said the conferences would not just educate stakeholders and the general public on what climate change is, but would also create a brain storming session that will lead to business acts, so that business communities under same ecological instances can take positive steps and actions that could combat the effect of global warming as it relates to them and harnessing opportunities arising from it.

He added: “On this field, we do not arrogate technical expertise to ourselves as we are only facilitators linking experts to stakeholders, so that the right information can be disseminated and proper actions timely taken and followed. Some of the experts we are bringing to do justice to this subject are not just top professionals who have done considerably well in this field, but seasoned business owners and managers that have over time, gained lots of experiences in finding ways around global warming without drastic effect on their bottom line. Come September 2010, we present to the Government and business communities of Ogun State, a solid faculty of international experts including our own dear Professor A. Kehinde, the Head of Chemical Engineering department from the prestigious University of Lagos.

“One of the very important questions we are asking stakeholders in our conferences is Where will your business be tomorrow? We cannot hold on to ignorance on this frightening phenomenon and in case you hold the opinion that climate change has nothing to do with developing economies such as ours, then listen to the voices of the following experts.


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