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No doubt: "world is warming"

New Zealand
The Dominion Post

BRITAIN: The world is ‘‘unequivocally’’ warming and mankind is very likely to blame, according to the most comprehensive study to date of evidence from every continent.

Britain’s Met Office collated evidence from 10 key indicators of the climate, including sea levels, air temperature, humidity, Arctic ice loss and the shrinking of glaciers.

The data, published as part of the annual State of the Climate review led by the United States National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, shows that global warming is ‘‘undeniable’’, the report says.

It also said the past decade had been the warmest on record, while the Met Office said this year was on track to be second warmest in the 160 years for which it has global temperature readings. The warmest was 1998. Although most of the data has previously been published, it is the first time it has been gathered in a single report.

The Met Office drew together the various strands of evidence of a warming world partly to counter growing public scepticism after the controversy over emails stolen from East Anglia University’s Climatic Research Unit. The unit focused on land temperature data whereas the Met Office research includes another nine indicators, which all show the same trend.

The Met Office looked at surface temperature records and other aspects of climate that scientists predict will change as a result of increased levels of greenhouse gases, such as warming of the ocean, increased humidity and reductions in Arctic sea ice. For each of the 10 indicators they collated several studies conducted independently of each other, revealing broad agreement between different analyses.

Peter Stott, contributor to the report and head of climate monitoring and attribution at the Met Office in Berkshire, said that all the indicators showed changes consistent with what computer models predicted.

Indices such as air and seasurface temperatures, the heat in the ocean and humidity showed rises. Arctic ice, glaciers and winter snow cover in the northern hemisphere were declining. ‘‘Despite the variability caused by short-term changes, the analysis for this report illustrates why we are so confident the world is warming,’’ Stott said.  ‘‘When we follow decade-todecade trends using different data sets and independent analyses from around the world, we see clear and unmistakable signs of a warming world.’’

He said ice in the Antarctic had increased slightly in recent years but that was due to depletion of the ozone layer and changes in ocean circulation and did not contradict the evidence from the 10 published indicators. The changes were consistent with an increase in greenhouse gases, which provided the ‘‘glaringly obvious explanation’’ for climate change.

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