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China to hold green industry Expo in November

China Daily

China will hold an international green industry expo from November 24-27 in Beijing, which will serve as a new platform of cooperation between domestic and overseas companies in developing a green economy, Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Yaoping said Wednesday.

The expo, including exhibitions and forums, will display the latest achievements in the green industry and green economy on a global scale, and will showcase the developments and achievements of China's green industry, Jiang said at a press conference in Beijing.

He noted that the expo would also help guide Chinese enterprises towards clean energy, energy-savings and emission reductions, low carbon technology, a circular economy and other priority areas of the green economy.

China is now accelerating its efforts to transform its economic growth pattern, proactively building its resource-saving and environment-friendly society, said Jiang.

"The expo would also provide precious opportunities for foreign companies to get to know and explore Chinese green markets," he added.

As of August 4, more than 600 well-known companies and institutions from over 20 countries such as Germany, Britain, France, the US, Japan and Israel have made preliminary decision to participate in the expo, according to Jiang.

Further, Siemens, GE, Bombardier and First Solar are among the global companies that have indicated their interest.

Jiang said the Chinese government hopes the expo would set the stage for the Mexico Climate Change Summit at the end of this year, calling upon countries to actively step up their efforts to tackle global climate change.



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