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Big, hot, shiny orb in sky caused by 'climate change' says UK Met Office

United Kingdom
Daily Telegraph

Is “climate change” to blame for the smog in Moscow and the peat fires which have swept across Russia and devastated 30 per cent of its wheat harvest?

But of course, says a man from the Met Office, as reported in a BBC bulletin so predictably skewed towards AGW alarmism it might just as well have been taken from a press release by the World Worldlife Fund. (And which is the other expert the BBC decides to quote on this issue? Why none other than the Russian head of “Climate and Energy Programme” at the WWF, who – quel surprise! – sees the fires as a clear sign that greenhouse gases must urgently be reduced).

For a more balanced perspective, try this interview with Pat Michaels on RT.

Michaels believes the Russian heat wave has more to do with a “jet stream anomaly”, while Corbyn – whose WeatherAction long range forecast predicted the heat wave – says it is caused by “circulation patterns caused by a combination of solar activity and the phase of the moon.” Similar climatic patterns – a heat wave in Russia, flooding on the Indian subcontinent and wet English summers – were experienced 132 years ago. We have been here before, in other words. Nihil novi sub sole.

Yeah but Corbyn and Michaels are both sceptics so of course they’re bound to play down the Climate Change problem. Well maybe but the stubborn fact remains that there has been no net global warming since 1998. It may feel hot right now if you’re in Moscow or parts of the USA, but there are other parts of the world which are experiencing abnormally cold conditions, as C3headlines reports here. The Pacific is experiencing unpredecented cooling, Argentina is colder than Antarctica, Santiago in Chile has had its coldest July since 1908.

But don’t expect to hear much about this inconvenient cold from the Met Office or the BBC. It doesn’t fit their narrative.


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