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New product prevents oil spill

Daily Independent

A new initiative aimed at minimising the impact of oil spill especially in the Niger Delta region has been unveiled in Abuja.

Recently, the Federal Government disclosed that over 3,000 oil spills were reported in the last four years, with bunkering and oil theft being responsible for most spills. The government subsequently announced that it would henceforth hold host communities responsible for any spills in their domain.

Chief Executive Officer, Green Stream Solutions, Charles Ifidon, said last week in Abuja that the firm had come up with a bio-technological devise that could remediate oil spill in Nigeria. Ifidon explained that in the time past there have been little or no awareness on curtailing oil spillage in the country.

He said, “Oil spillage has led to deaths due to its interference with both feeding and reproduction, and lots of fish ponds have been damaged due to oil slicks. Fish eggs and larvae suffer high rate of mortality.

“And yet, there have been very little awareness on how to curtail oil spillage in the country because of the procedure of the communities in the area of settling them and all that. The awareness started from the gulf problem when America was compensating the locals and all that.”

Demonstrating how the new technology works, he stressed, “The product is biodegradable in that it turns oil into carbon dioxide. This will address the challenges of oil spillage in the country. It is ranked as the eight in remediation of oil. By the time the oil is remediated the area will be habitable again.

“The chemical turns the oil into water and carbon dioxide and it is cost effective, it reduces your cost by 80 percent because you do not have to dispose, the product attracts the oil and it does not mix with water. It clears up the area to its old way and it takes maximum of three weeks.”

Ifidon noted that the component is made from honey bee wax and “the one that can be used on the earth surface is called the converse. The good thing is that it can be produced in Nigeria and the people living in the affected communities can be trained to apply it in their locality.

“It can be a source of employment, you can apply it either with hand or a broom; it depends on the volume and it is in powdery form.”


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