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Climate change reduces hydroelectricity supply from dams - Don

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A lecturer of Geography and Planning Science at the University of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Prof. Oluwole Adebayo, has said that the current global climate change is reducing the amount of hydroelectricity generated from various dams.

This was contained in the 29th inaugural lecture the don delivered at the university auditorium on Friday. The lecture was titled, ‘The human environment: Something to everyone.”

Adebayo, who is the first professor of Geography in the university said the current trend in climate change had caused a reduction in the amount of water available in rivers, adding that this had reduced drastically the capacity to generate enough electricity from hydro sources.

He, however, advocated the use of alternative sources of generating saying reliance on hydropower no longer feasible.

Adebayo said, “ Alternative sources of energy must be sought. This is because hydroelectric power is failing us due to reduction in the volume of water in the rivers that power the engines as a result of reduction in total amount of rainfall caused by climate change.”

To overcome the problem caused by climate change, the don said there must be an improvement on weather and climate forecasting techniques.

He also suggested that government must impose heavy fines on those caught polluting the environment while environmental impact assessment must be carried out before embarking on any project.

He also suggested an improved agricultural technique which would have little negative impact on the environment. The climate change, according to him, has led to reduction in food production capacity. But he said that with better agricultural practices, food production would be boosted and the environment would become safer.

According to him, climate change has affected virtually every aspect of human lives from agriculture to health, construction and recreation among others.
Adebayo said, “ In fact, climate change has contributed indirectly to the global economic meltdown.”

He stated that this was the reason everybody must be active in ensuring that the amount of pollution into the environment was greatly reduced.

The don said that the West expressed fears about the level of air pollution in China before the 2008 Olympics games started but China, in two weeks, cleared the whole city of any form of air pollution. He said that nobody understood how China was able to perform the ‘magic’ within two weeks.

He said, “The level of contribution of the whole Africa to global warming is less than four per cent. Nigeria’s contribution is less than one per cent out of this four per cent from Africa.”


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