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Steps to climate agreement needed

New Zealand
The Press
David Williams

The best hope for climate-change talks in Mexico is to create a stepping stone towards a final agreement, International Climate Change Negotiations Minister Tim Groser says.

Groser said the failure of the United States Senate to pass domestic climate legislation meant there would not be an agreement at this year's United Nations climate talks in Cancun in November.

"The best outcome from Cancun is the building blocks towards a final agreement – until US domestic policy is in place," he said.

Last year's disappointing meeting in Copenhagen failed to bridge the divide between rich and poor countries, despite the attendance of more than 100 world leaders, including Prime Minister John Key. The Danish conference produced a weak, non-binding agreement.

Groser attended a meeting last month of the so-called Cartagena Group-Dialogue for Progressive Action in the Maldives. He said the meeting sketched a "package" to streamline the negotiations.

"[The Mexican Government] need to come up with a paper which is a damn sight less complex than the formal negotiating texts," he said.

"I think they [the Mexicans] will chance their arm and be bold," Groser said.

However, Maria del Soccorro Flores Liera, the director-general of the global issues division of Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Mexico did not intend to produce any paper outside the negotiation process.

International negotiators are trying to get a binding global agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions, blamed for global warming.

Groser said there was doubt raised at the Maldives meeting about whether a global deal could be done at the 2011 UN climate meeting in South Africa.

Climate negotiations are being held this week in Bonn, Germany, at which New Zealand has 10 representatives from three ministries.

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