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Flood - Community Sends SoS to Govt


Residents of New Mebamu Extension/Adekanbi Community Development Association, CDA, in Ojo Local Government of Lagos State have urged government to save them from the scourge of the persistent flood in the community.

Spokesperson of the CDA, Mr. Adesunloye Adeusi told Vanguard Metro that recurring erosion in the area has claimed the lives of many residents, while several others have been forced to abandon their houses and relocated elsewhere.

According to him, the erosion was caused by blockage of Cele Nica under-bridge since the bridge was constructed a long time ago.

"History has it that when the Cele Nica bridge by Ketu Community was constructed some years back, the underneath was sand filled without an opening; probably the contractors forgot to carry out an evacuation as soon as the project was completed.

Now that the population here has increased, the water could not flow to the Ishasi River," he said.

Continuing he said: "When we consulted a resident, Alhaji Rahman Adekambi, who has spent 30 years here, he said some years back, the flood flowed to a swamp which is now filled to the brim and discharges water to the expressway".

The residents who claim some officials of Lagos State government visited the area some weeks ago, appealed to the government to evacuate the blockage underneath the Cele Nica bridge, saying this would alleviate the sufferings of the residents.

"When a representative of the government visited us, he assured us they will do something because Governor Babatunde Fashola has a listening ear. We have written several letters to the government before they sent their representatives. They should open up the spot underneath the bridge so that there will be an exit for water to flow," said Adeusi.

Some residents who have been sent parking by flood told Vanguard Metro they now live from hand to mouth. "I have parked up my business since year 2004. I own a storey building in this community before we were sacked by flood.

I am now a tenant at Igando and unable to continue in business. As at now, all I do is menial job because I do not want to beg on the street," septuagenarian Adekanmbi Sofara said, amidst tears.
When Vanguard Metro embarked on a tour of the community, it was found that many buildings have been sacked by flood as their occupants have gone to seek refuge in neighbouring communities, while those who stayed have had to construct wooden bridges in front of their houses before they could gain entrance into their various houses.

The two schools in the communities have been sacked by flood, thus forcing school children to stay at homes or seek schooling options in faraway places.

A widow, Magnus Akpan, said she and her children now live in fear. "I have lost a lot of property to flood and my husband died in the process (she showed this reporter remains of her property that has been destroyed by flood).

The flood can come unexpectedly and when it comes like that, it takes over the entrance of this community.

I have four children and all of us have been sleeping in an uncompleted building for the past four years because the flood usually takes over our building between the month of July and November.

As ypu see us now, we are preparing to leave this house and would not come back till November ending," she said as she wiped her face with an handkerchief.


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