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Taraba Embarks On Tree Planting Campaign

Daily Independent

Jalingo — To protect the environment, Taraba State government has decided to make it compulsory for students in secondary and tertiary institutions in the state to plant and maintain a tree up to their time of graduation.

Commissioner for Environment and Urban Development, Gebon Timothy Kataps, who disclosed this at the launching of the state's 2010 tree planting campaign, explained that the same policy would also be extended to the NYSC members posted to the state.

The commissioner said to make the policy effective, his ministry and that of Education will be introducing Forest Conservation and Protection into the school curriculum in the state.

"The benefits of this," he said, "are already yielding results as the state has been recommended to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Government and United Nations in tripartite arrangement on the Carbon Credit Scheme.

"The ministry will continue its effort in aforestation, reforestation and rehabilitation activities to address the environmental degradation experienced in the state with a view to checking the effect of climate change experienced globally."

Kataps pointed out that the state is contending with the menace of natural environmental problems such as soil erosion, flooding, landslides, drought/desertification as well as man-made environmental issues such as deforestation, biodiversity loss, improper waste disposal, among others.

He explained that the problems are enormous but not insurmountable as the state government under Danbaba administration is not leaving any stone unturned in addressing them head on, even as he commended the governor for reintroducing tree planting campaign in the state by providing funds, adding that the campaign went into oblivion nine years ago.

The commissioner appealed to the 16 local government areas, non-governmental organisations and wealthy individuals to intensify efforts in establishing forestry plantations that will complement government's efforts with a view to securing a stable climate in the near future.

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