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Parliamentarians Plant 8,000 Trees to Fight Climate Change


Cameroonian MPs led by House Speaker, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril check advancing effects of climate change.

Ndop, Balikumbat, Bamenda and Belo will soon sound off with new community forests initiated by the Cameroon branch of Parliamentary Network for the Protection of the Central African Forest Ecosystem (REPAR). The initiative meant to promote harmony with the environment; kick started in the North West Region last August 19 and 20 with the parliamentarians led the Speaker of Cameroon National Assembly, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril planting the first tree in Ndop. The exercise gave some 50 members of parliament the opportunity to write their names in the Åggo green driveÅh campaign by planting at least two trees at each stop.

It was also a rare moment for REPAR to sign partnership conventions with all the councils concerned. The convention stipulates that the various councils will continue with the tree planting exercise and thus take care of the trees until maturity. The eight thousand trees to be planted are of different species including Melina, Mahogany, and Eucalyptus etc. According to the MP from Balikumbat, Banmi Emmanuel, studies were carried out to choose the best type of trees for each given area. He said the tree planting will enable the population to reconcile with their environment thus combating the adverse effects of climate change.

The Mayors for Ndop, Ntoh Daniel Belengka and Balikumbat, Wasum Augustine could not hide their joy for the exercise. Like their colleagues of Bamenda II and Belo Councils, they promised to scrupulously respect the terms of the convention. They all agreed that climate change is gradually affecting their municipalities negatively, thus the need to put hands on deck to combat its advancing effects.

For Hon. Rose Abunaw Makia, it was a timely intervention in the protection of the environment. She said the parliamentarians are out to show their electorate that they care for all aspects of their well being. She therefore called on the population to cooperate by taking good care of the trees so as to ensure that the go green drive remains. Accompanied by Governor Abarkar Ahamat, House speaker, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril was visibly satisfied with the exercise.

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