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Govt commences climate change campaign in Lagos

Nigerian Tribune

The federal Government, last week, commenced the quest for making the best of opportunities accruing from the carbon credit trade, a global effort towards arresting climate change through the huge trade that would ensure human welfare and survival, when it kick started the Lagos State carbon credit awareness campaign.

The programme, which attracted environ-mentalists both from federal,  state and public sectors as well as captains of industry, was a beehive of activities as people, who have been craving for the take off of the scheme in the country, surged to listen to the modalities of operations.

Speaking at the occasion, the Minister of Environment, Mr. John Odey, said that the Lagos State Carbon Credit Awareness Campaign was a move in the right direction, as it would enhance the capacity of investors and Nigerians to key into the provisions of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), since many projects in the private and public sectors of the nation’s economy could attract carbon credit, even though the organisations have been embarking on them without realising that they could earn additional funds in form of certified emission units.

“Tapping these available funds will go a long way in enhancing national poverty reduction effort and meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Nigeria,” he said.

The minister listed Lagos State government’s initiated projects as part of projects from Nigeria that were getting to final stages for registration to attract the global carbon credits trade. They are the global bio-fuel methane avoidance project in Ikorodu as well as the integrated waste management and methane capture project in Badagry.

All together, he said Nigeria now controlled over 40 per cent of Africa’s certified emission reduction unit from three registered CDM projects, while seven other projects were at the final stages of registration.

These include the Shell Afam, Addax, Platform Gas projects, Bio-fuel projects in Lagos, the Kanji Dam upgrade, the Methane Avoidance project in Ikorodu, the Integrated Waste Management and Methane Capture Project in Badagry.

He charged all tiers of government to collaborate in scaling up awareness among the people as carbon economy should be made an essential component of poverty alleviation in the country.

He disclosed that nine projects under the CDM projects were registered recently as beneficiaries in China, Vietnam, South Korea and India all of which came under small and large hydro-power projects, small wind projects and bundled solar photovoltaic power project.

The minister stated that preliminary studies conducted by his mini-stry had shown that many investment opportunities existed in the country that could earn carbon credit for the country and investors. These cover eight areas of investments including solar photovoltaic for street lightings, irrigation, communication, heating water and domestic lighting.

Other areas included small hydro, geothermal projects, methane capture from waste water and solid waste, wind generators, and bio-mas to electricity as well as efficient transportation system.

It also include Reduc-ing Emissions form Deforestation and Aforestation Degradation (REDD+) as well as Aforestation and Refore-station under Clean Deve-lopment Mechanism (CDM) programmes.

He commended the initiative by the Lagos State government as well as the leading role it plays in the country on the commercial and economic activities.

The minister, however, restated that the success of tackling the problems of climate change was dependent on sustained innovation over a long period, and called on political and business leaders to show commitment through investments, ingenuity and incentives.

“All levels of govern-ment in Nigeria will need to take mainstream environment and climate issues into policy formulation at all times so as to align their policies across sectors and across the economy and the society,” he said.

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