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Organization seeks for forest protection

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Nigeria’s leading environmental group, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, has called for a national forest agenda for Nigeria by 2020.

Such an agenda will indicate actions to be taken by the three tiers of government, the private sector and individuals.

It will also list the modalities for a comprehensive and effective national tree planting campaign to be sustained over the next two decades.

The foundation‘s President, Mr. Philip Asiodu, said these in Lagos at the 2010 Walk for Nature organised by the NCF in conjunction with the Lagos State Government on Saturday.

According to Asiodu, the Federal Government, in collaboration with the states, needs to review all the laws relating to forests and forest management.

The laws, he said should provide for a target of 25 per cent forest cover within 20 years, the designation and effective protection of national parks and the provision of favourable incentives for private sector investment in tree planting and forest resources management.

He said it should also provide for the guarantee of ownership of private forest reserves, the empowerment of research institutes in the production of the required number of tree seedlings for the national campaign on reforestation and strict enforcement of the ban on the exportation of logs.

He said, ”Our call for a forest agenda has been reinforced by the current global advocacy for the economic re-assessment of the world‘s forests and the universal campaign for carbon trapping and credit. Having led a successful campaign towards the establishment of the Earth Fund at the 2008 World Conservation Union Congress in Barcelona, Spain, NCF now has, as part of its mandate, the coordination of a corporate campaign for Earth Fund in Nigeria. We urge corporate organisations to join in the global campaign because business and corporate interests can only thrive in a healthy environment.”

Asiodu also implored Nigerians to renew their commitment to the cause of sustainable environment for which NCF stood.

He said, ”The governments and corporate entities must be steadfast in promoting the cause of conservation. You must increase your efforts in making Lagos and indeed Nigeria a place where people prosper while living in harmony with nature.

With the greening revolution in Lagos, we can see the commitment of a responsible government in action. That, I believe, is worthy of emulation by other states in Nigeria.

”The laudable initiative of the Lagos State Government in greening Lagos should be sustained and it should be the collective responsibility of everyone to contribute his utmost towards achieving this laudable objective.”

Walk for Nature is a public awareness programme of the NCF, aimed at sensitising the general public on the need to change attitudes that are inimical to the environment. The annual event is part of NCF‘s advocacy strategies on the sustainable use of natural resources, climate change mitigation and preservation of Nigeria’s environment.

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