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Legislators discuss environment, trafficking in Hanoi

The Star

MIRI: Issues related to allegations of illegal logging, wildlife abuse, forest destruction and human trafficking in Malaysia are being discussed between the lawmakers of the country and their counterparts from Australia, Canada and Asean.

Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar is leading a delegation of senior MPs and deputy ministers from Malaysia to a meeting in Hanoi with the MPs from those countries.

The Malaysian MPs met with the lawmakers from Canada, Australia and several Asean member nations yesterday and the day before on the sidelines of the Asean Inter-Parliamentary Assembly currently being held in the Vietnamese capital.

Junaidi, who is MP for Santubong, told The Star yesterday he and members of his delegation were trying to explain Malaysia’s role in tackling these issues on the domestic front so that the international community would understand that the country was serious in dealing with these problems.

“I am representing Malaysia in the dialogue sessions. We are holding bilateral dialogues with our foreign counterparts on important current issues.

“The main subjects discussed were issues concerning deforestation, wildlife poaching, alleged levelling of tropical timber forests, causes of global warming, green technology initiatives and measures on sustainable development.

“Today is the second day of the series of meetings. We are seeking mutual cooperation from our dialogue partners to deal with these issues of concern,’’ he said in an SMS interview from Hanoi.

Recently, environmental activists in Australia launched a poster campaign to boycott palm oil and its by-products.

They had put up big posters in public zoos alleging that the palm oil industry in Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra and Papua New Guinea had caused widespread forest destruction and wildlife abuse.

Junaidi said Malaysia wanted to tell the world that it was serious in stopping illegal logging and wildlife poaching and that it was developing its land and forests in a sustainable manner.

On the more specific issues concerning Asean, he said MPs were giving top priority towards tackling human trafficking, drug smuggling, money laundering, regional climatic changes, power generation and developing regional warning systems against natural disasters.

“Asean MPs are charting measures to enhance social, cultural, education and economic ties and technology exchange,” he said, adding that the issue of nuclear energy generation was also an important agenda.

Junaidi also said that the MPs from Malaysia and Canada had agreed to form a Malaysia-Canada Caucus to complement existing government-to-government ties to forge greater understanding between the two countries.

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