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Parliament Tasked on Climate Change Legislation


Abuja — A Liberal Democrat and member of the British Parliament, Ms Jo Swinson, has called for the urgent harmonisation of the Climate Change Commission Bill which is before the Senate and the House of Representatives to ensure an independent talk on climate change.

Swinson, who made the call yesterday at a press briefing organised by the Nigeria Climate Change Action Network (NigeriaCan) and International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development (ICEED) in Abuja, said "Nigeria has the opportunity of being the first coutry to pass the bill on Climate Change Commission Bill in Africa and that the passage of the bill would surely be a great price for the future generations".

The Executive Director, ICEED, Mr. Ewa Eleri, said "The bill before the National Assembly is a straight forward bill that would make us be at the fore front on the issue of climate change, though this is tasking, but we are ready to work with both arms of the legislature to ensure its final harmonisation.

"We are calling on the Federal Government to see that the bill is assented to. Our role is to encourage them to do their job because we run the risk of having to go through this process all over again next year if it is not passed before the tenure of this administration elapses".

TheBritish parliamentarian's visit to Nigeria was mainly to promote the bill to establish the National Climate Change Commission currently receiving legislative attention at the National Assembly.

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