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Could London flood due to climate change?

United Kingdom
The Independent
London Futures / Robert Graves and Dider Madoc-Jones

Pictures of a flooded Parliament Square and eco-refugees inside the London landmark Gherkin building are just some of the images on display at the Museum of London to highlight the effects of climate change.

The results of a study released on October 6 conducted by the WWF found that under current global policies on climate change greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 could be more than one third higher than the levels needed to avoid what the organization terms "dangerous" effects of climate change.

To highlight the possible effects of climate change such as this, a display of 14 images under the title of London Futures will be on display at the Museum of London until March 6, 2011. The images consist of familiar views of the United Kingdom's capital that have been digitally transformed by Robert Graves and Dider Madoc-Jones to drive home the potential effects of climate change.

Pictures such as Parliament Square as a rice paddy, or "eco-refugees" camped inside the London Gherkin building, show the predicted effects of global warming, such as food scarcity and rising sea levels.

For residents outside the UK, images altered by amateur photographers handy with Photoshop are available to view online at Flickr, as part of an ongoing art competition which closes October 31.

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