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Journalists Educated on Climate Change

The Chronicle

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), incollaboration with BANTU, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) has organised a day's advocacy workshop for journalists in Kumasi on gender issues and climate change in Ghana.

The workshop was aimed at educating media personnel to better understand and appreciate issues concerning gender and climate change, so that they can report better on them.

The Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Mrs. Angelina Tutuah Mensah, said the use of the mass media in advocacy programmes was relevant in a country like Ghana, where a stated aim was that people should use the mass media positively, to enhance socio-economic development, cultural identity, political stability and social integration.

She explained that climate change was often difficult, complex and an even boring topic for the audience which does not sell, adding that issues of gender in Ghana, center on women, the complex linguistic landscape of Ghana, and the patriarchal system.

She further stressed that journalists struggle to translate the information into words that are meaningful to the local audience, because of the participation of small international negotiations and lack of resources and equipments in local perspectives into global debates and international negotiations on any new climate change agreement and terminologies.

Mrs. Tutuah Mensah urged the media to influence public policy in social, economic, political and cultural spheres, in order to bring about justice, human rights and environmental issues.

She therefore, urged the media to decide how to highlight gender issues and its policy implications in a meaningful, interesting and non-threatening manner.

Mrs. Tutuah Mensah advised the general public to use their energies more effectively, help protect our eco-system, and also ensure gender equality, when discussing climate.

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