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Peter Hain says Severn barrage plan axe 'a disaster'

United Kingdom
BBC Mundo

Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain says scrapping the Severn barrage plan would be "equally disastrous" for the economy and the environment.

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is expected to officially announce the end of the £30bn Severn tidal energy project later.

Reports suggest the UK government has re-thought the scheme because it is not "financially viable".

The Department of Energy and Climate Change would not confirm or deny it.

Mr Hain said the change of heart marked a "terrible day for Wales" but environmentalist group Friends of the Earth Cymru (FOE) welcomed the decision.

The 10-mile long tidal barrage would be built between Lavernock Point near Cardiff, to Brean Down near Weston-super-Mare.

Supporters of the project argue it could generate up to 5% of Britain's electricity - equivalent to two nuclear power stations.

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