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Cancuún México 29 de noviembre - 10 de diciembre 
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Voicing green issues

China Daily

More than 30,000 students from 200 Chinese universities united on Oct 10 in a national call for solutions to climate change.

In Beijing, students held a race around the city to collect garbage that local artists transformed into public sculptures. In Guangdong, displays made from disposable chopsticks were featured at an environment-themed concert and in Anhui, youth groups showcased eco-fashions made out of recycled materials.

The event also saw the launch of the "Great Green Initiative," a large grassroots, youth-led environment campaign, that will join the "Great Power Race," a friendly competition between China, India and the US, aimed at finding creative green solutions on campuses and in local communities.

In November, China will send its second youth delegation to the UN COP16 climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico.

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