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British High Commission laments climate change

The Guardian

The British government has noted that huge biodiversity loss and recent disasters caused by climate change are now more crucial and relevant.

The British High Commissioner, Bob Dewar recently hosted the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) at his residence in Lagos to support the work of the group, which has a long-standing relationship that the British High Commission and key United Kingdom nongovernmental organizations like WWF.

In a statement, Dewar said: “Climate change remains perhaps the biggest challenge that we and our children face this century. Despite the setbacks in Copenhagen, we need to retain the political commitment to deliver and must not lose heart.

“Because as British Foreign Minister William Hague has said, a world which is failing to respond to climate change is one in which the values embodied in the UN will not be met, in other words a world in which competition and conflict would win over collaboration. You cannot have food, water, or energy security without climate security.

They are interconnected and inseparable. And we must all take responsibility- and robust action.

“That message that we are all both individually responsible and collectively responsible is the most important one of all. You are all leaders. And by committing yourself to action you are hugely influential, helping to convince others?

The Duke of Edinburgh, as president of the WWF was twice hosted by the NCF when he visited Nigeria and laid the foundation stone for the Lekki Conservation Centre.

Other international partners include IUCN and Birdlife.

The NCF was represented at the Copenhagen Climate conference and is currently on the governmental committee formulating policy for Nigeria’s response to and participation in the REDD+ initiative.

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