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Youth group advocates for climate change legislation

Daily Trust

Youths under the auspices of Nigeria Youth Climate Action Network have called on the National Assembly to pass into law the bill on climate change that has been stalled before the 2011 elections.

Interim coordinator of the group, Iregbu Unico kalu, said it is very important for the bill to be passed into law because of the need for a recognized body by law to coordinate efforts at combating climate change.

“Climate change poses great threat to the development of Nigeria, the coastal regions are at risk of flood, the eastern part of the country is already under the heavy threat of erosion while the northern region stands the risk of being overtaken by desertification and desert encroachment,” Kalu warned.

He said members of the National Assembly need less than a day to finalize the bill into a law and if the bill fails to become law, it would be a wasted effort by its sponsors and it would further delay efforts at reducing climate change impacts in the country.

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