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India, Japan to work together for success at UNFCCC conference in Mexico


Tokyo - While discussing the importance of a positive result during the current climate change negotiations at the forthcoming conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Mexico, Prime Ministers of India and Japan here today reaffirmed their determination to work together towards this conference.

Both the Prime Ministers today stressed that the outcome should be reached in an inclusive and transparent manner and should effectively address the challenge of climate change in accordance with the principles and provisions of the UNFCCC.

According to a joint statement, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan have decided that the Copenhagen Accord should contribute positively to such an outcome.

The two leaders have also reaffirmed the importance of strengthening bilateral discussions on climate change on various occasions, including a possible establishment of a framework of comprehensive bilateral cooperation.

Prime Minister Singh, meanwhile, congratulated Japan for hosting the 10th meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP) on Biodiversity in Nagoya on 18th-29th October 2010 and wished it a successful outcome, including the adoption of the Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing.

As prospective host of the next meeting of COP on Biodiversity in 2012, India looks forward to a close working relationship with Japan during its Presidency and beyond Nagoya.

The two Prime Ministers also reaffirmed their resolve to realize a comprehensive reform of the United Nations (UN) Security Council, especially its expansion in both permanent and non-permanent categories which has commanded the maximum support from UN member states in the text-based intergovernmental negotiations in the UN General Assembly.

They shared their view that both countries would participate actively in these negotiations and decided to accelerate their efforts, bilaterally as well as in close cooperation with the G-4 and other like-minded countries, to achieve a meaningful result during the current session of the General Assembly , so as to make the Security Council more representative, legitimate, effective, and responsive to the realities of the international community in the 21st century.

The two Prime Ministers recognized that a positive outcome of the WTO Doha Development Agenda (DDA) of trade talks will be instrumental in economic recovery. They reaffirmed that a prompt, ambitious and balanced, as well as successful conclusion of the DDA would bolster the credibility of the multilateral trading system. They appreciated the momentum to rejuvenate the DDA negotiations and resolved to work together towards bridging the remaining negotiating gaps.

The two Prime Ministers reaffirmed the role of the G-20 as the premier forum for international economic cooperation and reiterated their commitment to work together and with other partners to pursue urgent and effective implementation of G-20 Summit decisions.

Reaffirming the importance of their cooperation for the Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth, both the leaders expressed their commitment to reform financial sector so as to prevent recurrence of financial crisis.

They expressed support for the reform of the international financial institutions (IFIs) including IMF within the internationally recognized time frame to enhance their legitimacy, credibility and effectiveness.

The two reaffirmed their commitment to eschewing protectionism in all its forms covering trade in goods and services as well as investment and financial flows.

Expressing his appreciation for the warm welcome and hospitality of Prime Minister Kan during this visit, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, extended an invitation to the Japanese Prime Minister for the next Annual Bilateral Summit in India in 2011 at a mutually convenient date to be decided through diplomatic channels.

Prime Minister Kan accepted the invitation with pleasure.

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