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An appeal to allow eight wind turbines at Linton fails

United Kingdom
BBC News

A renewable energy company has failed in its appeal for permission to build eight wind turbines in Cambridgeshire.

Enertrag faces a bill for the costs of the public inquiry and said it was "a blow for renewable energy targets".

South Cambridgeshire District Council had refused a planning application for the development at Little Linton Farm.

A government inspector ruled in the council's favour and granted it full costs meaning public money spent on the appeal will be reimbursed.

Councillor Nick Wright, planning portfolio holder, said: "Although we really support measures to tackle climate change it was an inappropriate place for a wind farm.

"The inspector's award of costs is a massive victory for this council, the local people involved and the district's residents as a whole."

A spokesman for Enertrag said: "We invested a great deal of money in promoting and designing this site and we are very disappointed by the inspector's response because at first sight it doesn't appear to reflect the proceedings themselves.

"We need time to review and decide if an appeal is sensible or feasible."

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