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Minister Reaffirms Commitment On Climate Changes


Luanda — Environment minister, Fatima Jardim, on Tuesday reaffirmed in Nagoya (Japan) Angola's commitment on the implementation of the UN Framework Convention on climate changes and of the Kyoto Protocol.

Addressing the panel on the reduction of emissions caused by deforestation and forest degradation of the 10th conference of the UN convention on biological diversity, the angolan minister called upon all member states to implement the signed accords related to the climate stabilization on the Earth planet.

Fatima Fardim stressed the importance of forests for local communities and for stabilizing the world climate emphasizing the need to develop more efforts for its preservation and conservation.

The angolan environment minister has been several african counterparts on the fringes of the conference.

Also in Nagoya, an angolan parliamentary delegation headed by MP Irene Neto attended on Tuesday a meeting on biodiversity.

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