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Highlight Ban Ki-moon attends Shanghai Expo Summit Forum

China Daily

Shanghai - United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attended the Summit Forum on the sidelines of the Shanghai World Expo, which is set to be closed on Sunday.

Ban Ki-moon said the Chinese government, the City of Shanghai and the International Bureau of Expositions (BIE) deserve the highest praise as the Shanghai World Expo brought nations together and celebrated global diversity.

"Since May of this year, all around the world, people have been talking about a remarkable, even historic event," Ban said at the Shanghai World Expo Summit Forum.

Ban said the Expo offers hope for tackling the growing challenges of urbanization.

"I hope that China will be an urban pioneer," he said, adding that he looks forward to working more closely with China across the sustainable development agenda.

He urged the world to work together towards wiser use of the planet's finite natural resources, introduce sustainable practices at all stages of production, consumption and trade, from policy-making to the daily operations of small and large business, do more to develop renewable sources of energy, and make them affordable to all people, and work together to combat climate change, encouraging our cities and towns to vigorously implement mitigation and adaptation measures.

"By sharing our knowledge, our cultures, and our desire for a better world, we are all enriched and we can all succeed," he said.

The Summit Forum, co-hosted by the Shanghai World Expo organizing committee, the United Nations, and the BIE, focuses on "Urban Innovation and Sustainable Development".

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