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New York's Bloomberg Urges Cities to Take Lead on Tackling Climate Change

United Kingdom
John Duce

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged cities to set clear targets in tackling climate change and to fill the “vacuum of leadership” surrounding the issue.

“We must be bolder, we must be more collaborative and we must be more determined,” Bloomberg said today in Hong Kong at a forum on global warming.

Bloomberg is the new chairman of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, which shares ideas and experiences among cities on how to tackle climate change. Nations will meet later this month at the United Nations-organized talks in Cancun, Mexico, to try to reach an agreement on curbing greenhouse gases after a summit in Copenhagen failed last year.

Delegates from more than 30 cities have spent two days inHong Kong discussing ways of developing electric-powered transportation and greater energy efficiency in buildings to help tackle global warming. The C40 climate group was set up in 2005 and members include New York, London, Beijing and Houston.

“Our cities have demonstrated that we are prepared to boldly confront climate change,” Bloomberg said. “As Mayors, we know that we don’t have the luxury of simply talking about change without delivering it.”

More than 70 percent of greenhouse gases are emitted by cities, Bloomberg said.

Cities should cooperate closely in tackling climate change and increase the credibility of their actions by measuring if they are meeting clear targets, Bloomberg said.

Talks in China aimed at reaching an international accord to mitigate climate change ended last month without agreement.

The U.S. wants China and some larger developing countries to accept international scrutiny of their measures to reduce emissions. China said richer nations should pledge deeper emissions cuts before developing nations are asked to do more.

Bloomberg is founder and majority owner of Bloomberg News parent Bloomberg LP.

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