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Losing Prentice is good for the environment

Ottawa Citizen
Tom Harris

Conservative MPs should be relieved that Environment Minister Jim Prentice is leaving. The government finally has a chance to make a fresh start in a more sensible direction on the climate file.

Prentice made the strategic error of committing himself to a politically correct but nonsensical stance on climate change.

He obviously felt that he had to say the right things at UN conferences and whenever quizzed by David Suzuki or else there would be trouble with reporters and hence the electorate.

But that was last year before the Copenhagen fiasco, Climategate, Amazongate, Glaciergate, and all the other "gates" that, together with our economic problems, brought public support for expensive programs to "stop climate change" to an all-time low.

Apparently unable to backtrack to match growing climate skepticism among Canadians, Prentice instead went even further toward climate alarmism, finally going camping with Suzuki before last month announcing his support of the hopelessly biased Climate Prosperity initiative of the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy and the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.

Harper now has the opportunity to chose an environment minister who will say what is real about climate, not what sounds good.

And that reality is: while we have a moral imperative to help the poorest peoples in the world adapt to climate change, we have little chance of slowing, and no chance of stopping, climate change. Pouring funds into programs to reduce greenhouse gases and saving the polar bear is simply diverting scarce resources away from environmental programs that really matter, such as reducing air, land and water pollution and working to protect species that really are at risk.

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