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Climate activists meet Leeds MP Fabian Hamilton

United Kingdom
Daily Telegraph

Leeds community activists campaigning for action on climate change have met with their local MP as part of a nationwide lobby.

As reported last week, activists from across Leeds lobbied their MPs to call for greater action on climate change as part of the Big Climate Connection.

Campaigners pressed their MPs to push for strong measures to be included in the forthcoming Energy Bill, such as improving energy efficiency in UK homes and reducing carbon pollution from power stations.

The Big Climate Connection lobby in Leeds Northeast met with MP Fabian Hamilton to press their case.

The group included worshippers at Harehills Lane Baptist Church and members of TIDAL, Chapeltown Development Trust, Leeds Oxfam, AROCHA, Schumacher North, CAFOD, Impact Residents Network, Chapeltown, Harehills and Scott Hall Carbon Reduction Action Group, Transition City Leeds.

Hamilton promised to do everything in his power to ensure that the UK government responds to the challenge of climate change, both by delivering a low carbon economy at home, and by taking a lead in international negotiations to provide support for action in developing countries. He told protesters he will scrutinize legislation, move amendments and early day motions and do all he can as a member of the opposition to strengthen government action.

Local resident Mary Keynes said:

"The new Energy Security and Green Economy Bill must be strengthened to guarantee that tenants and other residents in the 4.25 million most unhealthy homes can enjoy warm homes with good insulation and cheap efficient heating. This would be one million more homes than the government's publicity for the new Bill suggests.

"Power stations using fossil fuels like coal and gas must be regulated to ensure a decarbonised electricity supply which does not contribute to global warming.

"The international talks at Cancun later this month should commit to meet the targets set at Kyoto, and the UK government should aim to ensure that a fund to help developing countries facing climate change should be administered by the United Nations, and that the contribution of the UK and other rich countries should be in the form of grants rather than loans."

She said there was strong support for an immediate ban on plastic bags for the lobby.

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