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Non-stop green talks for three days

The Jakarta Post

Greenpeace Indonesia and Green Radio will host a 72-hour non-stop broadcast on environmental issues to help boost public awareness of the declining environmental condition.

The program, to be aired from Menteng Park in Central Jakarta from Nov.25 to Nov.28, will mark the fifth year of Greenpeace in Indonesia.

“The series of environmental disasters and severe impacts of global climate change remind us of the need for urgent action to turn the tide of development from destructive to the green concept”, Nur Hidayati, the country representative of Greenpeace in Indonesia, told a media conference on Thursday.

Currently, Greenpeace has 300,000 volunteers who are the main financing source to support its campaigns in Indonesia.

The station manager of Green Radio, Nita Roshita, said the people could write down their hopes for the environment on a piece of paper, which would be then buried in a box in Menteng Park.

“We will re-open the box in 2020”, she said.

The radio will invite students, NGOs, experts and private companies to join the talk.

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