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India temperature rise concerns

United Kingdom
Vaishnavi Seetharaman

Rising temperatures caused by climate change are expected to "adversely impact" water supply, farm output and forests in India by 2030, a new study released by the government says.

It has projected a temperature rise of between 1.7C and 2C in India over the next 20 years.

The study says India faces increased precipitation and storms and a continuing sea level rise.

It also warned of food shortages because of a decline in farm output.

"Climate change scenarios for 2030 indicate an overall warming over the Indian sub-continent associated with increasing greenhouse gas concentrations”, said the report by the Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment (INCCA).

There is expected to be a "significant dip" in the production of rice, maize and sorghum, the report said. Production of apples in the Himalayan region could also be affected.

"No country in the world is as vulnerable, on so many dimensions, to climate change as India”, said federal environmental minister Jairam Ramesh, while releasing the report.

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