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World mayors sign pact pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Nearly 140 mayors from 43 countries and regions across the world signed a pact on Sunday, pledging to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Cities' Global Climate Change Pact, also known as Mexico City Pact, was signed by 138 mayors who attended the Mayors' World Climate Change Summit (CCLIMA) 2010 in Mexico City on Sunday.

The mayors agreed to exert more efforts and take further measures to combat climate change.

The pact was designed to raise the voice of the mayors in the world and request more resources for the cities, mainly for those more vulnerable to the impact of climate change, Mexico City's Mayor Marcelo Ebrard said.

"It needs a qualitative change to control our polluting levels and we have to open a new door in short term to answer the urgent necessities of the cities in the world, mainly for those which are threatened by catastrophes such as flooding," he said.

These measures include voluntary reduction of greenhouse emissions through policies, laws and campaigns according to each city's capacity and resources.

The measures also include the use of sustainable transportation, the adequate management of the resources and energy efficiency.

The pact will be presented at UN talks in the Mexican resort of Cancun from Nov. 29 to Dec. 10.

The president of the Pensar Foundation, Gabriel Sanchez Diaz who read the document, said this initiative will be taken to the upcoming UN climate conference (COP16) to be hosted in the Mexican city of Cancun from Nov. 29 to Dec. 10.

Sanchez said that with this pact the mayors seek the support of the multilateral institutions and the creation of direct access mechanisms to financing in order to improve the life quality of poor inhabitants in cities, who are the most vulnerable to climate change.

During the meeting, Ebrard was appointed as global ambassador of the campaign Developing Resilience Cities of the United Nations.

Ebrard will be in charge of taking the message of the Mexico City Pact to the COP16, which was signed, among others, by Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe, Johannesburg Mayor Amos Masondo, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villarraigosa.

Ebrard said one of the key points of the Pact is to launch the Local Climate Actions Record, also known as "Carbonn."

Carbonn will allow the cities to register in the Internet the actions to lessen and adapt to climate change, he said.

He added that they also agreed the cities will have eight months to register their actions.

Paris Mayor Delanoe said the Copenhagen Summit was a failure for all mankind, due to the resistance of the governments to commit to the fight against global warming and reducing polluted gas emissions.

"We have decided to change the things in all the cities of the world. We have given a real commitment to neutralize the effects of climate change in the short term," he said.

"We want the chiefs of state and government to know in Cancun that the mayors of the world are committed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, but for that they must commit to increase the financial support in order to reach those goals in the short term," Delanoe said.

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