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Oh addresses world mayors on Seoul’s green city programs

Korea Herald

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon suggested that world cities form a green alliance to respond to climate changes and to share eco-friendly green technology.

“The global climate change crisis is a macro phenomenon which may not be solved by a single city,” said Oh in the regular meeting of the United Cities and Local Governments held in Mexico City on Thursday local time.

In the meeting, which was themed “Global crises: Local impacts,” Some 3,000 representatives from 115 capitals took part in the annual assembly to discuss and design the best form of central and local government ties in a global era.

Oh met with mayors of 115 capitals from all over the world, including Seoul’s sister cities such as Paris, Moscow, and Guangzhou, and presented Seoul’s eco-friendly energy policies and e-government system, officials said.

“A sustainable environment is indeed to become one of the top competitive factors for a city in the upcoming years,” said the Seoul mayor.

“Our city is thus promoting a variety of policies such as reducing in-city greenhouse gas by 40 percent within 20 years.”

He also picked the increasing use of green cars, including compressed natural gas-run buses and electric cars and the use of new recycled energy such as solar energy.

Urban mining, which retrieves rare metal from used mobile phones, has also been cited as the city’s green efforts.

Oh, on his eight-day visit to the United States and Mexico, signed a memorandum of understanding Tuesday with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for Seoul to supply Korean-made electric cars to the U.S. city.

He also met with Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard and signed an agreement on intercity cooperation in environment, transport, tourism, culture and information technology, said officials.

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