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UK doing just a third of what is needed to meet climate change targets – WWF

United Kingdom
The Telegraph
Louise Gray

In the first attempt to analyse the policies of all EU countries, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) rated countries between A for excellent to G for poor.

Overall most countries are doing badly, with none of the 27 member states scoring above D.

This means that Europe is doing half what it needs to do to stop global temperatures rising in the future.

The UK rating was even worse, scoring E, below Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

The grade means the UK is doing only a third of what is necessary to put our own economy on track towards a key domestic target to cut emissions by 80% by 2050.

Britain is particularly bad at ensuring buildings are energy efficient and is failing to improve public transport or switch to electric cars. Already Government advisers have warned ministers that there needs to be tougher regulations and more incentives to insulate homes, boost recycling and encourage greener lifestyles. However Government policy on building more wind farms and reducing the emissions from agriculture won points.

Countries like Romania and Poland, that continue to burn a lot of coal, scored F.

Keith Allott, WWF’s head of climate change in the UK, said Britain needs to triple efforts to reduce emissions.

"Time is very short and prompt action has to start immediately”, he said.

A separate report found that ‘dirty industries’ like cement, steel and chemical factories are lobbying the EU not to increase its short term target to reduce emissions from 20 to 30% cuts by 2020.

The 2020 target is key in negotiating a global agreement as part of United Nations talks. Poor nations refuse to increase their own emissions until rich states like the EU take action.

The UN meets in Cancun, Mexico later this month for the latest round of talks.

The last major meeting in Copenhagen failed and it is feared this summit will also falter unless the EU and other rich nations take the lead.

However Oxfam said heavy industry is “sabotaging” efforts to increase the target by claiming it will harm economies.

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