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Democracy on life support

The Toronto Star

Two events in Ottawa over the past week have moved this Canadian voter from longstanding cynicism to overt despair over the state of our federal politics.

First, the government extended the Canadian military mission to Afghanistan for three more years without consulting Parliament; then it used the unelected Senate to kill climate change legislation without a hearing or debate. Both of these actions confirm this government’s total disregard for the House of Commons, and its contempt for the will of the majority.

As for the Liberal Opposition, it once again colluded with the government by denying a debate on Afghanistan. No wonder Mr. Ignatieff can gain no “traction” with the Canadian public. His principles are slippery and his policies appear entirely ad hoc.

We are left with the unpalatable option of voting for the NDP or the Green Party in the next election at the risk of handing a majority to the most autocratic, secretive and manipulative prime minister in the history of Canadian politics.

“Wake up Canada — your democracy is on life support”.

Mark Goldstein, Mississauga

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