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California weather affects several Foods

The Montreal Gazette
Julian Armstrong

If you notice some high prices for American foods, it's the inflationary effects of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, and it won't last.

A few foods -broccoli, cauliflower and strawberries - were affected by California weather conditions. In fact, you should skip strawberries until the first of the Florida crop arrives next month because the California fruit is damp and bruised. Decorate your desserts, fruit cups and fruit bowls with California and Brazilian grapes instead.

Iceberg lettuce is another questionable food; romaine and leaf lettuce are probably better buys. Large green bell peppers are plentiful from Florida and Ontario is sending us greenhouse cucumbers and coloured bell peppers. Asparagus from Peru and Mexico is in good supply.

The best citrus fruit in town is the Florida grapefruit. Lemons from Arizona and California are on the small size, but good. California navel oranges are due in town shortly. Reports about the ripeness of Moroccan and Spanish clementines are negative. Under the orange netting in those boxes, the fruit often has yellow, not orange, peel and the flavour is flat and not the rich sweet taste we expect in a clementine. Let's hope later pickings are riper and have more taste.

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